My name is Luca—a twenty-four-year-old graphic designer—but better know as whoislvca ([hoo]-[iz]-[loo-kaa]). My work is characterised by a strong focus on curiosity. I engage in a continuous dialogue between knowledge and uncertainty, shaping my projects with a strong emphasis on the value of process and experimentation. Beyond this, my interests extend to exploring the possibilities, interactions, and meanings inherent in the existence of humans and other lifeforms, with a primary focus on (new) digital technologies and ecological social questions. For me, design transcends mere visualisation; it encompasses the ability to convey a narrative, express values, and strive towards a vision, all of which are essential components of a designer’s role.


2023 —
Pre-Master Programme,
Design Academy Eindhoven
(Eindhoven, NL)

2019 — 2023
Bachelor Graphic Design,
ArtEZ University of the Arts
(Zwolle, NL)

2017 — 2019
MBO (BOL) Mediavormgever,
ROC Alfa College
(Groningen, NL)


Laika Agency
(Amsterdam, NL)

2019 & 2020
Shxtsfired Amsterdam
(Amsterdam, NL)




Linkedin: @lucaoosterloo

YouTube: @whoislvca

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