Hello, my name is Luca Oosterloo. I am twenty-four years old graphic designer If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am someone who puts curiosity first. This is achieved by being in constant dialogue with the realms of knowledge and of uncertainty, while not fixating too much on the necessary end results. My projects are characterized by the value of process and experimentation, which means that my preconceived goal does not solely focus on the final outcome.

Furthermore, I recognize the significance of the conceptual aspect of design. For me, designing is not merely about visualization; that is only one part of the whole. Being able to convey your story, express your values, and strive towards a vision are also essential components of a designer’s role.
2023 —
Pre-Master Programme,
Design Academy Eindhoven
(Eindhoven, NL)
2019 — 2023
Bachelor Graphic Design,
ArtEZ University of the Arts
(Zwolle, NL)
2017 — 2019
MBO (BOL) Mediavormgever,
ROC Alfa College
(Groningen, NL)
Laika Agency
(Amsterdam, NL)
2019 & 2020
Shxtsfired Amsterdam
(Amsterdam, NL)
'Het Bestaan Uit Allen' nominated for the ArtEZ University of the Arts Zwolle Thesis Award 2023.
A new harmonious living world between humans, nature and technology (English)
ArtEZ Finals 2023.
Een nieuwe harmonische leefwereld tussen mens, natuur en technologie (Dutch)
ArtEZ Finals 2023.
Linkedin: @lucaoosterloo
YouTube: @whoislvca
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