‘Existence of All’ (‘Het Bestaan Uit Allen’) is a manifestation and proclamation of a new era; the Symbiocene. Within this era, humans, nature, and technology coexist in mutual interdependence, within dynamic networks. The goal is to break free from the current dominant Modernist ideology – the Anthropocene – in which humans view the Earth as an extension of their own actions. To achieve this transition, a radically new perspective is required, one in which both human and non-human entities have the space and opportunities to coexist on Earth through mutual interdependence. The project studies and emphasizes the importance of transitioning towards the Symbiocene, with the aim of collectively working towards an existence of all. I designed my thesis in a way that goes beyond being a mere book and transcends into more than a passive object. This was done with the intention of allowing the knowledge acquired after reading my thesis to be transformed into an active endeavour by planting the book.

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